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Weekly newsletter of Ahmed Negida - Issue #9

Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida
Hi Friends,
Ramadan Kareem to everyone.
I always consider Ramadan as an excellent chance for personal development and growth. Not only because we learn self discipline but also because we get the chance to attach new habits to the fixed fasting routine. One of the greatest methods of personal improvement is to make use of the existing well-established habits by attaching new rules (i.e. habits) to the fixed ones. The fixed fasting schedule over a duration of 30 days enables a lot of behavioral changes to happen. 
If <condition>, then <behaviour 1>
If <behaviour 1>, then follow with <behaviour 2>
… and so on.

My News
I was recently invited to the Symposium “Research Methodology: Becoming an Academic Neurosurgeon” sponsored and coordinated by the WFNS, CAANS, YNF, and AFAN on April 24, 2021.
Interesting Article I read this week
The first fully-implanted 1000+ channel brain-machine interface - Neuralink
Four-in-10 people think their job will be obsolete in 5 years | World Economic Forum
Concerns over rare clotting disorders halt use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine | Science | AAAS
Best YouTube video I watched this week
The course I'm taking this week
The Course I'm teaching this weekend
[END] ... Thank you very much!
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Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida @NegidaMD

I’m Ahmed, a medical doctor from Egypt, a Ph.D. candidate in the UK, and a Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard Medical School.

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