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Weekly newsletter of Ahmed Negida - Issue #7

Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida
New things that I found on the internet
Last Thursday, I used Prezi Video Premium with Zoom Meeting for the first time and it was an excellent experience. It makes your presentation moves around you in the meeting which creates an interactive presentation that captures the attention and interest of the listeners.
Interesting Article(s) I read this week
6 Ways To Work Smarter And Unleash Your Productivity
Important COVID-19 news
‘I was sort of stunned’: Fauci and U.S. officials say AstraZeneca released ‘outdated information’ from Covid-19 vaccine trial
What I'm reading this week
Interesting video(s) I watched this week
I’m following Payitaht Abdülhamid for the past 4 years. Currently, the last season (season 5) is about to end. Finally, Mason pasha will disclose his identity in episode 144 (next Friday). The most interesting thing I watched this week was the trailer of the 144th episode. Mahmoud Pasha, who pretended to be handicapped and unable to walk in order to distract any suspects against him, is the real Mason pasha. This is pretty logical because he is a relative to Sultan Murad (fifth, V). The guy displayed the utmost loyalty to Sultan Abdulhamid but he was the nearest and most dangerous traitor. No one could ever think of him as the traitor Mason pasha; this is a cognitive bias called the “tendency for closure”.
مسلسل السلطان عبد الحميد الحلقة 144 اعلان رقم 1 مترجم للعربية
Twitter Highlights
Michael Dewan on Twitter: "A preeminent pediatric neurosurgeon, a champion and advocate for global neurosurgery. A loving husband, father, and grandfather. A mentor, a friend. William Harkness, you will be missed.…"
The Course I'm teaching this weekend
I’m giving a free webinar to medical students, trainees, and doctors from Arab speaking countries about how to find and choose a good research question. Feel free to join if you are interested.
How to Find and Select A Clinical Research Idea
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Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida @NegidaMD

I’m Ahmed, a medical doctor from Egypt, a Ph.D. candidate in the UK, and a Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard Medical School.

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