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Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida
Hey Friends,
The opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect that of my groups, institutions, organizations, or societies to which I’m affiliated. My personal opinion is that:
✅ Arabs and Jews can be friends.
❌ Arabs and Zionists can NEVER be friends.
I have many Jewish friends and I never question people about their religious identity and we do not care about that. All people deserve respect and to be treated equally whatever their religious identities are. Zionism is a whole different thing. Here is the clarification.
Jews have lived peacefully within the Arab community for a long time ago while Zionism is the movement of creating the Jewish nation on Arab land by forces, injustice, stealing, and depriving Palestinian people of their rights, lands, and homes.
There is NO SINGLE nation on earth that can be based on religious bias and stealing the homes of the originals who own the land.
Jews have suffered from oppression in several places in the world including the Russian Empire and Europe. Some have claimed the same under the ottoman empire in the late 18s. The fact that Jews have suffered in many places in the world has led to the calls to make a single nation for them.
The UK which occupied Palestine in the early 19s made a promise to establish a Jewish land within Palestine. It is widely accepted that you can not give people something that you do not own. Britain at this time deprived Palestinians of the basic human right of self-determination and opened the gate for zionists to come and fight for the land, the reason for the 1948 Arab war. Importing jews and Europeans and giving them a second Israelian nationality had led to the existence of this country. If owners of this land were given the rights of self-determination, we would have never seen a zionist community on our lands.
To the moment of this writing, many people in the Jewish communities in Europe and the US oppose the oppression of Palestinian people and the abuse and misuse of religion to pass massacres, mass killing, destruction, and terrorism against the landowners in Palestine. The fact that Jews have suffered in many parts of the world had led to the introduction of the term “Antisemitism” which refers to hostility against Jews. We oppose antisemitism which is hateful and unacceptable discrimination. The problem is that this term has been carried way further to become an accusation for people who oppose the existence of an Israel nation. Opposing the behaviors and existence of this zionist nation has nothing to do with Antisemitism.
In the 21st century, we should not see an army that kills hundreds of innocent people in a few hours in front of the world media while the majority of the world is silent. This unfair situation subsequently invites self-defense. Even the maximum efforts of self-defense can not counter this Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people since Palestine is not declared an independent nation and does not have the capabilities and the freedom of a free nation. Palestine is deprived of the right of having an official army for defense. I invite my friends to share the real story with the world and tell the truth about what is happening in Palestine.
In summary, what I want to clarify to my friends is that:
  • Jews are our friends and part of our communities.
  • Zionists are terrorists, with whom we can never be friends
  • Anti-semitism is unacceptable discrimination that should not exist
  • Anti-israel is an honorable movement opposing the creation and the practices of the zionist occupation “Israel”.
  • The land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and only Palestinians
  • What is happening in Palestine is an unfair violation of all basic human rights and international laws while the majority of the people are silent.
  • Please, speak up the truth. Let the world know and do not be afraid.

My News
Started working with the JGNS editorial board on the 2nd issue dedicated to Pediatric Neurosurgery with a main focus on the neurosurgical management and policies of hydrocephalus and spina bifida.
Ignatius Esene.MD, M.Sc, PhD, MPH
Was a pleasure this afternoon meeting @journalGNS Pediatric Neurosurgery Section Editor Pr. @FigajiTony , & Young Pediatric Neurosurgery Star Pr. @ronibats to discuss .....Coming Up Soon
@keepark @NegidaMD @AdammarMD @MyronRolle https://t.co/Sy2LnoATpi
What I'm reading read this week
I started to read the book “the Elephant in the Brain”, the book discusses our hidden desires to do things that we do not usually tell. Being in close connection with your real inner desires is important to shape and guide your decision making process. I will give you a review and feedback when I finish.
Convalescent plasma in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): a randomised controlled, open-label, platform trial - The Lancet
My courses
Registration is now open for the summer season of my clinical research training delivered online to dozens and hundreds of medical students, trainees, physicians, and faculty members in the Arab World.
Want to join the upcoming research courses [in Arabic]?
Link [Arabic version of my courses]: https://academy.negida.com/arabic-courses
We currently prepare an international version of all my courses, these will be available here once finalized. Feel free to pre-register and show interest so that you will be notified once the courses come out to the light.
Link [English version of my courses]: https://academy.negida.com/english-courses
Photo of the Week
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Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida @NegidaMD

I’m Ahmed, a medical doctor from Egypt, a Ph.D. candidate in the UK, and a Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard Medical School.

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