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Weekly newsletter of Ahmed Negida - Issue #1

Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida
Hey friends,
This week was full of information and discoveries. I’m sharing with you some of the most important news and links that I came across. If you find the newsletter helpful, you are welcome to share my newsletter on your social media.

(1) My news
I have joined the Global Neurosurgery Committee Secretariat Team of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies. I provide this role as part of my work in the Paul Farmer Global Surgery Fellowship in Harvard Medical School, under the supervision of Dr. Kee Park, MD, MPH.
Ahmed Negida - Started New Role at World Federation of... | Facebook
(2) New things that I found on the internet
1- I found a website called “product hunt” where I found dozens of new software that are not popular but very useful and diverse. The website also adds customer reviews and summaries of every software. This was very helpful for me, I used it to identify two new helpful programs.
2- I have just known about the board game called “GO”. The rules of the game are difficult but it relies on strategy and tactics like chess! which is interesting for me but I’m still unable to play it .. lol
(3) Most important articles I read this week
Knowledge Is Not a Thing - More To That
(4) Best YouTube video I watched this week
Elon Musk's Ultimate Advice for Students & College Grads - HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE
(5) Courses that I'm taking this week (week #7 in 2021)
(6) Courses that I'm teaching this weekend
C3: Sample Size Calculation
(7) Twitter Highlights -- Favorable Tocilizumab results
Martin Landray on Twitter: "RECOVERY Result for Tocilizumab For patients with COVID-19"
(8) Instagram highlights -- My resilience mindset
[END] ... Thank you very much!
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Ahmed Negida
Ahmed Negida @NegidaMD

I’m Ahmed, a medical doctor from Egypt, a Ph.D. candidate in the UK, and a Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard Medical School.

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